Vertical Integration Program (VIP) Mentor

VIP Graduate Student Panelist

Undergraduate Thesis Project Mentor


College Teaching Certificate (CCT) Candidate

  • Coursework: complete extra courses on college teaching
  • Teaching experience: lead weekly discussion sections, guest lecture
  • Teaching observation (teaching triangles): observe and be observed by other CCT candidates during teaching experience

Teaching Assistantships: 

  1. Abnormal Psychology (100 students)
    • Lead two 25-student discussion section
    • Complete guest lecture: Neuroscience & Psychopathology
    • Prepare course materials 
    • Meet regularly with instructor
    • Grade exams and papers
  2. Social Psychology (100 students)
    1. Complete guest lecture: Social Influence
    2. Prepare course materials
    3. Grade exams, group projects, and papers
    4. Host weekly office hours

During "Neuroscience & Psychopathology" guest lecture

Student Testimonials: